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    Chick Care

    Chick Days at Tractor Supply Co.

    Tractor Supply carries everything a backyard chicken keeper needs to start, grow and maintain their flock. Year-round, you can shop chicken coops, chicken coop runs, poultry feed and treats, poultry feeders, poultry waterers, supplements and more, while seasonally you can search for a variety of live egg-hatching chick breeds to bring home. We even have a handy breed directory that’ll help you discover the ideal poultry breed to raise. And you can always depend on Tractor Supply to execute best practices in bio-security, chicken care and poultry education. We work closely year-round with reputable poultry hatcheries, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Centers for Disease Control and the Livestock Conservancy. Keep reading to learn more about Chick Days at Tractor Supply and the wide assortment of poultry supplies available!

    Days-Old Baby Chicks and Poultry

    Ready to add to your flock? Find a full range of chicks for your brood at Tractor Supply. Whether you’re looking for egg layers or meat birds, we can help you choose from a variety of chick breeds based on your needs. At Tractor Supply, we have birds with varying temperaments as well as egg laying production levels. Order our days-old chicks online in quantities as low as 10, or head to a Tractor Supply store near you to pick up your live birds in person. Looking for more than just chickens? We also have baby ducks, turkeys, guineas and other live poultry.

    Laying Hen Breeds & More

    No matter what type of chicken you’re looking to add to your flock, you’ll find the right breed at Tractor Supply. Rhode Island Reds are high-producing brown egg birds that can thrive in a variety of conditions–they are both cold and heat hardy, and they can do well as free-range or confined coops. We also have a variety of crossover Rhode Island Red chickens, including the Product Blue and Calico Princess birds as well as other popular laying hen breeds, including Australorps, Copper Maran, Wyandottes and Bantam chickens.

    Looking for hens that lay colored eggs? Many of our chicks will grow to be pullets that lay either cream or brown eggs, while Easter Egger chickens produce eggs in blue and green colors.

    Chicken Coops, Chicken Pens, Wire and Netting

    Whether you’re searching for a small chicken coop to get started or a larger style to adjust to your growing flock, you can find the right option at Tractor Supply. We have both pre-built coops as well as kits, plus plenty of chicken pen options for your backyard birds to move freely while still keeping them safely contained. If you have free-range chickens, poultry netting offers great protection and confinement as they wander around the yard.

    Poultry Feed, Feeders, and Waterers

    Tractor Supply has poultry feed, treats and supplements for every stage of your birds’ lives, ensuring they grow from healthy chicks into healthy adult birds. Shop feed pellets, cracked corn, crumbles, blocks, grit, oyster shells and more from brands like Purina, DuMOR, Nutrena, Nature’s Best, Flock Party and Producer’s Pride. We also have feed and seed containers to keep your poultry feed fresh, grinders to grind your feed as finely or as coarsely as your birds like, and poultry waterers and feeders for easy drinking and eating.

    Incubators and Brooders

    If you’re introducing a fresh batch of baby chicks to your flock, Tractor Supply has the essentials you’ll need. Choose from our selection of egg incubators and an assortment of incubator accessories to prepare for a successful hatch. Once the chicks are here, ensure you have the proper gear to keep them warm and safely corralled with a brooder, a heat lamp and a chick corral.

    Learn More

    Looking for more advice on choosing the perfect pullet, duck or any other bird for your flock? Find all of the information you need on raising chickens and chicken care on the Life Out Here blog. Learn to prepare your brooder for newly hatched or purchased chicks, or find helpful advice on how to build a chicken coop, how to properly provide heat in your chicken coop, and how to prep your coop and your chickens for winter. You'll also find advice on how to feed the chickens in your flock, and insights into different breeds of poultry. Have more questions about starting your flock? Contact your local store for additional assistance–our team members will be happy to help you find the right bird.